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There may come a time in your professional career where you have more questions than answers.  When you feel stuck, for no particular reason at all. When a little nudge in the right direction can make all the difference. Whenever this happens to you, call Asya. I bless the day I decided to do so and I bless the day I did. 

Coaching Agreement: Career Transition

Country: Netherlands


The coaching experience with Asya was absolutely perfect for me. I felt listened to and encouraged throughout. With her support, I was able to discover my own sense of priorities, define actionable goals, and determine the next step in my path of personal and professional growth. I am confident that I would not have had the clarity of thought that I found at the end of our experience if I had not had my coach’s assistance and guidance throughout. We accomplished much more than I ever expected, and I am clearer in my path than I ever anticipated that I would be.

Coaching Agreement: Career Transition

Country: USA


I had the pleasure to have few coaching sessions with Asya, which definitely gave more insights into myself. Having a background in psychology and years of experience in HR contributed to her skills of recognizing a personality and immediately getting to the heart of the matter. The unique thing about her coaching is that she, being a thoughtful and encouraging person, easily inspires and empowers for more. 

Coaching Agreement: Setting Priorities, Redefining Values, Identifying future action plan

Country: Armenia


Asya created very comfortable conversation during our sessions. She was very focused on my personal and career needs.Her questions were provocative and pushed my envelope of thinking. Definitely she let me discover things about myself that are my strengths and things that are a priority for me in life. She will be a great asset for coaching and career choices for many other individuals.

Coaching Agreement: Career Transition

Country: Poland


I worked with Asya on my leadership skills before stepping in my new role as a leader. Since it was my first experience with a coach, I didn't know what to expect, but our coaching sessions were such an eye opener and definitely helped me to become a better communicator and gave me more confidence for stepping in my new role. 

Coaching Agreement: Leadership Development

Country: France


My journey with Asya has been amazing. When I took my first session with her, I was completely puzzled. This Pandemic affected my health and slowed down my professional life. She helped me gain clarity and supported me to prioritize my goals. We also had a plan in the end of each session to work on. I am glad that things have started to move in the desired direction now. I have taken 4 sessions so far, I am glad to share my progress with her in each session. My journey is still on with her by my side. She is not just a great coach but also a wonderful person. I am really grateful to her for her contribution to my journey.

Coaching Agreement: Dealing with uncertainty in pandemic times, career development

Country: India

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