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There was a time when I wouldn’t be brave enough to share my story, just because I would think it’s not worth sharing or it’s not interesting enough, or something else.... I’d find hundred reasons not to do so. Today I’m ready, because as a coach I’ll be inviting you to find your strength in your own vulnerability and taking your life as a learning journey and I’m ready to share my learning journey with you.

My journey so far has been all about reinventing myself and trying to connect the dots, finding that perfect space where all my past experiences would meet in one beautiful synergy and serve best to me and to the people around me. I have started out as an HR professional with background in psychology, got passionate about leadership development and working with people on identifying their leadership potential and developing them as leaders. Later on I earned two more degrees - an MBA and a Master degree in Comparative Legal Studies, got a chance to work in 3 different countries (Armenia, Switzerland, USA) and in 3 different sectors (Public, Private, International) and got really blessed with all the people I met along the way, many of whom became lifelong mentors and friends of mine.

But life is interesting because it constantly throws us challenges and it took me and my family on an interesting path of an expat life... 7 years, 2 different countries, 3 different cities, between home and places that eventually start feeling like home and yet... every time your whole set of stereotypes, beliefs and stories gets challenged, questioned, falls apart like pieces of a puzzle and slowly gets together again in a beautiful, yet different picture and view of the world we live in.

During these 7 years of traveling across the world, I remember stressing out about the gap on my resume and taking each and every opportunity during that time of “gap”, be it volunteering, free or underpaid consulting, copywriting, editing, translations, helping people with their applications, designing centerpieces, helping friends with their business development, organizing school fundraisers and negotiating with donors, starting a new business... I would never say no to an opportunity to do some work and as a result got a bunch of experiences, which I would never have, if I had stayed in my HR career. I’ve met thousands of new people from about hundred different countries and learned about their cultures and their traditions and most importantly I learned to respect and love them all and learned so much about the human nature, so different and yet, so alike...

I started to paint, wrote a book of poems, learned to play piano and sing, became a profi in cooking, learned to drive a car and ride a bike, became quite advanced in Pilates... and yet, I would always think that I’m not enough, something is missing, just because of that gap in my resume that was bugging me all the time and dragging my confidence down and down... until one day I realized  that THAT gap on my resume was a blessing that gave me an opportunity to discover so many sides of my personality, it allowed me to see beyond who I thought I am and to learn so many new things in life. And today I’m not trying to “fill that gap” anymore, I’m proud to say that the gap I was so uncomfortable with was a gap so full of events and experiences that it can hardly be called a gap. It made me so rich as a personality, that today I feel that I can do virtually anything and anywhere. I am also proud to say that I have raised three wonderful children and I will reassure anyone that family is the basic school of leadership, because all the skills that a leader needs are at the essence and are shaped and sharpened again and again in the family life. And even more than that, it has all the skills so needed for the leadership of tomorrow, that is leading with compassion, deeply rooted in love and commitment to developing others and seeing them thrive. Today, my experiences brought me to a very fulfilling career as a Leadership, Career and Confidence Coach and I can't be grateful enough for the Journey that brought me where I am. 

I know that many people  share the same destiny of staying out of the workforce for a while for different personal reasons and then trying desperately to get back, trying hard to repair the damaged confidence and self esteem and to prove that they are still worth it. And having been there, I am so happy to offer my support to you in your journey of building your confidence step by step and by helping you with very actionable and practical ways of getting back on your feet, transitioning to a new career or becoming a leader you always aspired to be, all backed by a solid scientific base. Together, we will build on your strengths and overcome all the challenges along the way. 

We all have stories, we all partly have to face what life throws at us and partly write our stories ourselves. But it’s important what we take away from each and every experience that we face, be it a positive or a negative one. Each story is precious and unique. For now, think about your story, feel free to share it or to keep it to yourself, but take a moment to appreciate the story called your life! 

If my story resonated with you or if there is any other challenge you'd like to work on, please leave a contact request and let's have a chat and see where our roads can cross to help you get all the dots connected!

Sincerely Yours,


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